Questions & Answers

Why choose a Consulting firm?
We are in an age of specialization, complexity and rapid change. As times have changed, no manager can possibly keep up with all areas and complexities. It is rare to find an executive that is accomplished in machinery, operations, maintenance, distribution, logistics, sales, customer service, accounting and fiance. It is very difficult to be an expert at all of these and be able to coordinate them all together to maximize your performance and profitability. Dr. Box Consulting, Inc. has the expertise and proven track record to take your company to the next level.
How will I know which Expert Witness is best for my case?
You need to pick an Expert Witness that is truly a recongnized expert in the niche that your case is in. For example if you use a general engineer to make opinions in packaging, it will be easy for a true Packaging Expert Witness to discredit them. They will not understand the terminoligy, test methods, industry formulas and theories, software, harware and machinery used, etc. This can cost you a large amount of money while hurting your case. Make sure that the Expert Witness you choose is truly an expert in the area that your case needs support in. One thing you can be sure of with us, is that we will not take a case unless our Expert Witness is truly an expert in the area you need expertise in and can withstand any type of challenge by opposing council. Randy Phares has done cases for the prosecution and defense in addition to providing consulting services, Expert Reports, and Testifying in Depositions or in Court. Call us at (775) 443-5529 and see if we are the correct choice to provide Expertise in your Case.
What are some of your areas of Expertise that you do Expert Witness work for?
Randy Phares provides Expert Witness Services on Corrugated and Folding Carton manufacturing, machines, safety, quality, and processes. Areas that often involve litigation in these areas are injuries caused by packaging machinery, packaging failures that caused product damage or personal injury, delivery in semitrucks, rail cars, or other transportation. They design, engineering, materials and manufacturing can dramatically affect the performance of packaging causing potential failure and injury. Randy Phares has done cases where product failed in a warehoue causing product to fall causing injury, loading and unloading in semitruckes where improper load securement and faulty materials caused injuty, machinery problems and fair market value. He has done an intellectual property case in packaging as he has a US Patent in packaging and extensive packaging engineering knowledge. He has done a case where a crate failed causing serious injury. Often the way a load is packaged and secured can even cause accidents on public roads. If you are not sure if we are a good fit for your case please call us at (775) 443-5529 and we will help you determine if we are the right choice to assist you. Our reputation is of utmost importance to us, and we will not accept a case if we do not truly have the required expertise to make an Expert Opinion.
How can I become a client of your firm?
Please call the firm and identify yourself as a potential client. A member of our staff will speak to you and obtain information regarding your needs and determine if we are the right company to help you with your opportunity. Please call us at (775) 443-5529
What is expected of me as a client of your firm?
We expect you to be honest, responsive, and diligent throughout the litigation or consulting process. We want you to ask us any questions and inform us of any concerns you have as well as providing all relevant information for review in order to make any Expert Opinions or consulting recommendations. We expect you to keep us up to date with any new information and any dates that would require an in-person appearance (such as a Deposition or Trial) as far in advance as possible. Specific details on the requirements for us and our clients are contained in our Consulting Agreement for Consulting Services and our Expert Retention Contract (Engagement Letter) for Expert Witness work.
What is your pricing and what are your billing requirements?
For Consulting Projects payment is generally made in advance for smaller projects or a significant portion up front and periodic payments as directed in our agreement for larger projects. For Expert Witness projects there is a Non-refundable Retainer that will be required in order to engage Randy Phares as an Expert. The reason that the retainer is non-refundable is to prevent an Attorney deliberately conflicting Mr. Phares out of a case while not retaining him to do the work on the case. The rate can be provided over the phone and in the Contract. We do not publish our rates online for many reasons including the fact that we sometimes work through brokers that mark up our services and the brokers do not want the amount of the mark up to be known as it is proprietary. Call us at (775) 443-5529 to discuss your project or Legal Case and we can provide you with a written quote or Rate Sheet is required.

Not Sure We Are The Right Fit For You?

Contact us by calling us at (775) 443-5529, emailing us at drbox@live.com or you may fill out our online contact form or set an online appointment.