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Randy Phares has been providing Expert Opinions on packaging and transportation legal matters since 2010.


Randy Phares


Randy Phares

is an expert in packaging, especially corrugated and folding carton packaging. He is also an expert on pallets, crating, warehousing and transporting products by semi-truck. He has been in the packaging and distribution industry for 28 years. He started out running machines and worked his way up to running multiple plants in multiple countries for a Fortune 1000 packaging corporation.  He has run a packaging testing lab for a Fortune 500 packaging corporation. He has done forensic analysis of packaging failures that caused damage or injury. He has done forensic analysis of load securement issues that have caused injury. He has provided Expert Testimony in Depositions and Trial and produced Expert Reports for several legal cases. He has bought, sold operated, supervised, removed and installed packaging machinery. He has managed many warehouses and a fleet of trucks.He has run a packaging testing lab and held almost every job in a packaging operation over his 28 year career. These include manufacturing, distribution, sales, design, and transportation. He has completed Expert Reports on packaging failure, load securement, freight transportation, intellectual property, crating, packaging design, and pallets. He has given Depositions, testified at Trial and consulted with attorneys in a variety of cases.

He is an esteemed consultant in the packaging field and has don consulting projects all over the world. He was a Regional Safety Champion for a Fortune 500 manufacturing corporation. He has written dozens of published articles, presented Webinars, been featured on Pulp & Paper Radio International, Video Magazines, and been written about in articles. He has spoken and keynoted international converences and has a US Patent on a Corrugated Pallet. He was on the Advisory Board of Paperboard Packaging Magazine. He was on the Packaging Consulting Council of the Techincal Association for the Pulp & Paper Industry, a Vice Chair for the Packaging Consultants Council of the Institute of Packaging Professionals, President of the South Texas Manufacturer's Association and is the President of the Paperboard Packaging Group with over 26,000 members worldwide.He has held Certified Quality Manager (CQM), Certified Quality Auditor (CQA), and Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) certifications with the American Society for Quality in addition to holding a Vice Chair position with their Customer Supplier Division He won the Best Achievement of Organizational Business Improvement in Manufacturing Award given by the Six Sigma and Business Improvement Awards in 2009.

As an Expert Consultant he has done work for joint ventures between the United States Government and the Government of the Country of Georgia in Eastern Europe including setting the packaging standards and designing the Box Manufacturers Certificate for use in the country. He has done Market Feasibility Studies for the largest paper based packaging manfacturer in Latin America. Those analyses included market factors including, labor, unions, pricing, wage rates, and an analysis of all competition in the area and creating a list of all potential customers including statistical/financial information. He has don ISO 9001 Audits to help companies prepare for Audits.

Dr. Box Consulting can handle most of your Market Research needs in paper based packaging

Dr. Box Consulting is an Expert at improving safety, profit, productivity, logistics, turnover, quality, maintenance, sales,warehousing, distribution, training and transportation.

Randy Phares provides Expert Witness services for litigation primarilly regarding packaging and load securement matters

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Packaging and Cargo Securement issues can be extremely complicated. Determining packaging failures often requires forensic analysis, testing, and an understanding of fomulas, industry standards, packaging design and performance. Even Fortune 500 Packaging Corporations can benefit from an Expert Witness because an Expert Witness is an unbiased professional. Professionals that are employees that testify utilizing their expertise are rarely seen as a true expert because they have reason to be biased. If an Expert Witness were to make biased, untrue or coerced statements it could end his/her ability to do that type of work. World Clasee expertise, knowledge, credibility and Ethical Behavior are minimum requirements to be an Expert Witness.

Randy Phares, President and Chief Consultant for Dr. Box Consulting, Inc. has been part of two of the best year-over-year financial turnarounds in the Corrugated Packaging Industry. One as a team member which led to winning the "Best Performing Plant Award" for 4 consecutive years out of 26 plants with Gaylord Container Corporation (Now International Paper). The second was when he led the 3rd best year-over-year financial turnaround in Temple-Inland (Now International Paper) history. He led that as General Manager of the Edinburg Plant and Gaylord De Mexico. For this achievement he won the "Best Achievement of Organizational Business Improvement In Manufacturing Award" given by the Global Six Sigma and Business Improvement Awards based out of the United Kingdom. Randy Phares has an unmatched track record of business profit and performance improvement. There is a very significant difference in a good consultant and a great one. The great one will see solutions that nobody else can see. Randy Phares "Dr. Box" is the most proven consultant in this area in the industry.

Market Research is very important to many companies. Randy Phares has done Market Feasibility Studies to determine the feasibility of building a new manufacturing plant within specific markets. This can allow you to have unbiased information regarding the economic, market conditions, competition, pricing, and potential customers. Often Investment Banks want to understand the Packaging Industry, its players and the business models, barriers to entry, and economic analysis to determine if they should invest heavilly in the packaging space or a specific company. Customers to the Packaging industry want strategies and economic factors to help them reduce their overall packaging spend while maintaining or improving quality and performance. Some customers also want strategies to help resist a price increase or to analyze the reasons for one. A company may want to know about their competition or potential suppliers in a given area as well as their capabilities. There are many reasons Market Research can add value to your company. Call Dr. Box Consulting for a Free Consultation at +1 (775) 443-5529

Your level of expertise must be unshakable. Opposing Council will do everything they can to try to descredit an Expert Witness, their Expert Report, Their Deposition and their Live Testimony in Court. For this reason you MUST be an Elite Expert in your field and must be able to give opinions that can withstand challenges. If an Expert Witness loses a challenge, they may never be albe to work in the Expert Witness Field again and their credibility in other aspects of their professional life will be affected. A good Expert Witness will never take a case that they do not have the exprtise to provide what is asked by all attorneys on both sides. An Expert Witness must have always been completely ethical, and not committed crimes, or been in compromising positions. Opposing Council can us anything and everything in your history to try to discredit you as a Witness. Mistakes made by an Expert Witness can and will be used against them in the Court of Law.

US Patent and Some of Mr. Phares' Certifications 


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